Plastics 2030 – PlasticsEurope’s Voluntary Commitment to increase circularity and resource efficiency 


"Plastics 2030" is PlasticsEurope's Voluntary Commitment to increasing circualrity and resource efficiency. It is our main initiative to support and contribute the European Commission's aim to transform Europe into a more circular and resource efficient economy.

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Summary (09/2019)

Full document (01/2018)

The Plastics 2030 Voluntary Commitment focuses on:
  • preventing leakage of plastics into the environment
  • improving resource efficiency
  • improving the circularity of plastics packaging


PlasticsEurope committed on:
  • increasing engagement inside and outside our industry
  • accelerating innovation in the full life cycle of products
  • reaching 100% reuse, recycling and/or recovery of all plastics packaging in the whole EU by 2040
  • 60% of re-use and recycling in plastics packaging by 2030


Making Circularity and Resource Efficiency a Reality


Full Life Cycle Thinking (in Dutch) from PlasticsEurope on Vimeo.

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