The Plastics Leak Project will develop a worldwide mapping of the plastic leak to the environment along value chains. Brought together with product Life Cycle Assessment results, this information will help to implement the most effective actions addressing in priority “hot spots” and avoiding the shift of environmental issues from different places or from different categories of impact. This multi-stakeholder one year project led by Quantis, gathers eighteen members of the industry, mostly from packaging and textile value chains, and comprises UNEP (*) and IUCN (*) in its strategic committee.

PlasticsEurope will contribute to the project through its Life Cycle Thinking and Sustainability and its Marine Litter Solutions working groups.

For more info, see: Press Release on Global Plastic Leak Project kicks off to tackle plastic and microplastic leakage

(*) UNEP: United Nation Environmental Program, IUCN: International Union for Conservation of Nature