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Tackling ocean plastics

Marine litter is a global challenge, and plastics manufacturers together with their value chains and other stakeholders are strongly committed to playing a leading role in preventing plastics from leaking into the environment and providing concrete solutions.

Discover the brand new Plastics le mag

We are proud to present the renewed website of Plastics le mag, the Magazine of PlasticsEurope presenting the most recent innovations in the world of plastics!

Plastics and football – a common history

The World Cup is capturing our attention these days, but the special link between plastics and football also deserve our recognition. When it comes to football, plastics can be found everywhere: on the pitch, in the ball, the shirts and the stadiums.

World Cup 2018 and plastic

Who will be the next world football champion? This is a discussion for experts which Plastics The Mag admits that it lacks the knowledge to address. However, there is absolutely no doubt that polymers will be among the ranks of the winners.

World Oceans Day: Challenges and solutions for our environment

The plastics industry has worked consistently in order to stop the spread of plastics into the oceans while also admitting that more work is still to be done as marine litter continues to be a global threat. As the World Oceans Day commences today, PlasticsEurope would like to stress the significance of two essential elements to prevent littering: proper waste management systems and infrastructures and raising awareness to trigger a behavioural shift in society.

World Environment Day 2018: How Plastics tackle climate change

Plastics material are essential in protecting the environment: From lightweight design in modern cars to insulation materials in the construction sector, plastics materials are saving much more resources than used for its production – thus contributing to sustainability and environmental protection.

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