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5 Oct 2021, 16:13
The British Plastics Federation (BPF) is hosting two half-day online seminars on plastics packaging in October sponsored by PlasticsEurope.
9 Sep 2021, 09:00
An enabling policy framework and collaboration with the value chain are essential to reach target. PlasticsEurope endorses the objective of preventing and reducing excessive packaging and packaging waste.
27 Jul 2021, 10:22
The non-profit association PolyREC announced today that the value chain initiatives Polyolefin Circular Economy Platform (PCEP), Styrenics Circular Solutions (SCS) and European Manufacturers of Expanded Polystyrene (EUMEPS) have joined members Petcore Europe, PlasticsEurope, Plastics Recyclers Europe, and VinylPlus to support the setup of a harmonised, pan-European data collection system for both, plastics recyclers and converters, to record their recycling volumes and use of recycled material.
5 Jul 2021, 08:56
Jean-Yves Daclin, 53, is joining PlasticsEurope, the European plastics producers’ association, to head up its activities in France. As of 1 July, he will be succeeding Eric Quenet, who held this position for the past three years.
26 May 2021, 17:25
PlasticsEurope announces a significant increase in planned chemical recycling investment: from 2.6 billion Euros in 2025 to 7.2 billion Euros in 2030.
20 May 2021, 12:48
PlasticsEurope condemns the illegal trade of plastic waste
19 May 2021, 16:47
The Plastic Museum has been open to the public for nine days. Created to be recycled, it has allowed thousands of visitors to gain a new perception of plastic and the importance of reusing and recycling.
10 May 2021, 09:10
The world's first 100% recyclable Museum. A museum designed to show the vital role that plastics play in our lives, as well as the possibilities that their reuse and recycling offer us.
18 Mar 2021, 09:47
Petcore Europe®, PlasticsEurope®, Plastics Recyclers Europe®, and VinylPlus® have mutually agreed to join forces to form the organisation PolyREC. PolyREC will monitor, verify, and report their plastics recycling and uptake data in Europe. This will be achieved by using a common data collection system – RecoTrace. PolyREC will ensure traceability, transparency, and trust in recycled materials along the entire plastics value chain.
2 Mar 2021, 15:41
With growing pressure from across the globe for manufacturers to increase the amount of recycled content in packaging products, the British Plastics Federation (BPF), in collaboration with PlasticsEurope, are hosting a half-day online seminar on The Challenges of Incorporating Recycled Content in Plastics Packaging.

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