Health and Safety

Focus Areas

Plastics protect people, while at the same time delivering value-for-money and sustainable solutions.
For example:

  • Packaging extends the shelf life of foods and beverages, preserving their sensory properties and protecting them from bacteria. This contributes to enhanced sustainability by reducing food waste.

  • Plastic pipes carry our drinking water safely and efficiently, and remove sewerage from our homes.

  • Many children’s toys are made of plastics, endowing them with strength, light weight, versatility and malleability, and contributing to child safety.

  • Personal protective equipment (PPE), such as face masks and firemen’s helmets and suits, rely on special plastics for their protection.

  • In our cars, lightweight plastics are used to protect us, enhance our comfort and improve fuel economy, which reduces CO2 emissions and fossil fuel usage.

  • In sports, plastics provide consumers with efficient, light and strong safety gear.


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Plastics – constantly doing more with less

2.2. food packaging shutterstock_665592121.pngPlastics are becoming increasingly economical in their use of raw materials. Indeed, today’s plastic bags require 70% less material than those of the 80s’. Not only does this improve resource efficiency, but it also provides consumers with increasingly cost-efficient solutions. 



Food contact

Plastics help protect food against spoilage, contributing to reduced food waste and improved consumer safety.

Drinking water

Plastics help ensure water sustainability, from pipes and equipment for agricultural water supply, to bottles and filters providing safe drinking water.


The plastics industry is committed to proactively meeting all its obligations under the EU’s chemicals policy known as REACH.

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