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PlasticsEurope is a catalyst for the plastics industry accelerating sustainable solutions valued by society.
It brings to life the responsible actions, partnerships, and innovations the European plastics industry is taking to

  • acknowledge and address the plastics waste issue
  • enhance confidence in the material’s ability to contribute positively to society

Promote innovation

that enables increased circularity and resource efficiency of the various sectors, based on principles of full life cycle thinking, environmental protection and societal wellbeing, by: 

  • Lightweighting, miniaturisation and digitalisation of products increasing durability and lifespan of finished goods
  • further developing and enhancing all forms of recycling (e.g. mechanical/feedstock recycling) 
  • increasing the use of by-products and waste streams, including CO2, to make plastics
  • investigating the use of renewable feedstock to produce plastics by supporting initiatives on eco-design with plastics for increased circularity and resource efficiency based on life cycle consideration

Engage with others

  • to actively pursue partnerships with the industry value chain in activities aimed at increasing the sustainability of plastics at production stage, use and end-of-life
  • to share expertise and facts on plastics and engage in circular economy initiatives such as the European Commission’s Circular Economy Package, the New Plastics Economy initiative by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), etc.
  • to work with key stakeholders to ensure appropriate risk-based management of recycled plastics
  • to raise awareness of consumers, policymakers, academia as well as the industry’s value chain on the benefits of plastics and their contribution to resource efficiency and societal wellbeing

Pursue marine litter solutions

  • by continuing the initiative Zero plastics to landfill and promoting the separate collection and recovery of all packaging waste
  • by fully implementing the Operation Clean Sweep® programme to prevent plastic pellets entering the marine environment and by actively engaging with the value chain for overall implementation
  • by engaging in activities to prevent plastic marine litter both at European and global level


PlasticsEurope organises and participates in a range of events aimed at raising awareness of the benefits of plastics and addressing the challenges of the 21st Century. 

PlasticsEurope organises two major conferences: IdentiPlast and PolyTalk.

1.2.1 IdentiPlast.pngFor 20 years, IdentiPlast has been the international landmark conference to learn about the latest engineering technologies for plastic waste management, best practice exchange, knowledge sharing and networking through showcasing the most recent developments in the collection, identification, sorting, recycling and recovery of plastic waste. 



Polytalk 2018.jpgPolyTalk is PlasticsEurope’s forum to engage with stakeholders in a transparent, forward looking dialogue. Its aim is to equip the industry to meet new challenges and opportunities and act as a catalyst for concrete action on key issues.  This major event targets policy and decision makers (EU, national, regional, UN), NGOs, designers and brand owners as well as the plastics value chain.For further information, visit PolyTalk.


1.2.3 European Youth Debating.pngPlasticsEurope is also one of the organisers of the European Youth Debating Competition, targeting young people. The subject debated in the 2019 competition was “Rethink, Reuse, Recycle: how would you shape a sustainable future with plastics and petrochemicals?”. The European Youth Debating Competition is a joint project of PlasticsEurope and EPCA; the first EYDC kicked off in 2016. The 2019 edition took place from March and concluded with the European Finals on 7 October in Berlin. In 2019, more than 400 students participated in seven National Finals in Belgium (for a joint “Benelux” Finals), Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain, the United Kingdom and France.

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