For the 10th time, the K Special Show, which was branded “Plastics shape the future” in 2016, goes with the legendary Düsseldorf K fair. When the world's leading plastics fair opens its doors on Wednesday, 16 October, the 2019 Special Show in Hall 6 – booth 6/C 40 will once again be the point of convergence for all visitors.

The project by the German plastics industry (conducted by PlasticsEurope Deutschland and Messe Düsseldorf) is the prime forum for sharing information, ideas and opinions, targeting and engaging both professional visitors and the general public.

The Show will highlight the most recent innovations within the plastics industry on topics like resource savings, digitalisation, products design, renewable energies, recycling and sustainability. Critical challenges linked to plastics such as marine litter, single use products as well as resource limitations will be addressed.

The Special Show will offer dedicated Theme Days with lectures, keynote talks and panel discussions, alternatively in German and English.

From Wednesday 16 to Tuesday 22 October, experts from science, industry, politics, public authorities and non-governmental organisations will provide information and discuss economic, social and environmental challenges and possible solutions.

Also at the booth, young researchers from FabLab Lübeck e.V. will provide a glimpse into the future of robotics and AI. Furthermore, chemist and entertainer Dr Gerhard Heywang will be a main character of the special show as he will run exciting scientific experiments with plastics, entertaining visitors in German and English.

For detailed programme & schedules, click on:
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