For the second year running, the European Youth Debating Competition (EYDC) came to the Netherlands. The National Finals in Amsterdam gathered 43 students from 5 schools and saw a passionate and enjoyable debate. The three winners will represent their country in the European Finals that will be held during the 51st EPCA Annual Meeting.

In Amsterdam, as in the other National Finals, the students received professional training in public speaking skills prior to the debates. Afterwards, the participants were divided into fixed speakers with pro and con factions, and free speakers who had the possibility to argue from any position. A jury comprising of representatives from industry (Shell, LyondellBasell and SABIC), consultancy (Acceleratio) and a lecturer (Hogeschool Windesheim), were responsible for selecting the final three winners, based on the analysis of their ability to express themselves with well-informed, logical and persuasive arguments, and how they interact with each other. 

The opening speech was delivered by the pro-speaker, Mark Williams, Vice President Europe at SABIC and member of the EPCA Board of Directors, president of the Dutch chemical association VNCI and member of the Steering Board of PlasticsEurope. In his pro-speech Mark Williams demonstrated the crucial role of petrochemistry and plastics in future, especially when it comes to sustainability and innovation. The con-speech delivered by Freek van Eijk, Managing Director Acceleratio, was challenging this future role of the industry and its products.

The three winners are: Noah Windemuth-Rotteveel, Natali Nedkova and Sara Baars.
20170704092609-eydc_nl.jpgThey will have the chance to debate in the European Finals that will be held on October 1st in Berlin, during the largest gathering of the global chemical business community in Europe, the EPCA 51st Annual Meeting.