20170720164054-banniere_plasticseurope.jpgTwo cousins, Matthieu and Quentin, are about to start a one-year bicycle trip to raise awareness about the circular economy. PlasticsEurope is proud to be supporting these two young eco-adventurers from France, who have subscribed to the industry’s ‘Zero Plastics to Landfill’ mission. Michel Loubry, Director for PlasticsEurope in France, praised the two, stating that they had understood that plastics are too valuable to be thrown away and should instead be treated as a resource.

Matthieu and Quentin are convinced that waste management and circular economy are the only sustainable way forward and have thus decided to identify and highlight initiatives across the four continents, initiatives that are aimed at avoiding the impact of plastics waste on the environment by collecting, sorting and recycling plastics. 

Tomorrow, on 21 July, the two will embark on their one-year trip around the globe, with first stops in Spain and Morocco. They will then explore the eastern part of the African continent, continue through Central and South East Asia, to finally end their exploration in Latin America.

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