Location Webinar (in Dutch)
Period 02 October 2020
Description Information on the OCS programme as well as specific best practices to Antwerp-based forwarders and shipping companies.
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Charlotte Delvaux

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Plastic pellets are unacceptable in the environment. It is with this aim in mind that PlasticsEurope fosters the outreach towards the national plastics value chain to speed up the uptake of the Operation Clean Sweep® (OCS) programme.

In order to strengthen the Antwerp value chain collaboration, further outreach to stakeholders of the logistics value chain is essential. A study on the role of the logistics chain in the fight against pellet loss, carried out by Alfaport Voka, has helped to identify them. 

On 2 October at 10:00, Charlotte Delvaux, Country Coordinator Public Affairs Belgium at PlasticsEurope, who is in charge of the secretariat of the Antwerp Zero Pellet Loss Platform will present the Operation Clean Sweep programme and share best practices with Antwerp forwarders and shipping companies. The webinar will further explore the specific role of shipping agents and forwarders in reducing pellet loss. This online event is part of a series of information sessions on the role of the Port of Antwerp logistics chain in pellet loss prevention and encouraging companies to join Operation Clean Sweep.A first session was organised on 23 September for medium and small logistics companies based in the Port of Antwerp.

The Antwerp Zero Pellet Loss Platform was jointly launched by Alfaport Voka, essenscia, PlasticsEurope, Port of Antwerp authority and Voka Chamber of Commerce and Industries three years ago in Antwerp. It is through value chain collaboration actions, such as the latter, that we can unite forces in putting an end to plastic pellets in the environment.