The CP Pallets scheme was started in the early 90s’ by the German Chemicals Industry Association (VCI). In 1993, PlasticsEurope took over the management of the scheme from the VCI. PlasticsEurope’s experts developed detailed guidelines related to the size, quality of materials and marking:

  • Five types of pallets (CP1 to CP5) are for the chemical industry.
  • Four types (CP6 to CP9) are for the polymer industry. 

In 2013, management of the CP Pallets scheme was transferred to PlasticsEurope Services sprl in Brussels.  


CP Pallet markings

The markings on the middle block of both sides of CP Pallets allows them to be identified according to the following scheme:

  • Type of pallets - from CP1 to CP9.
  • Manufacturer code.
  • Manufacturing period (month/year).



Click here to find the latest version of the CP Pallets guidelines.

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Registration process

Requests for registration should be sent to PlasticsEurope Services to the attention of Mathias Willems at info@plasticseuropeservices.eu. Candidates will receive a questionnaire to answer. After completion of the administrative process, the production site will be subject to an initial inspection.
The registration costs are 1,250 euros, which is to be paid in advance.

Registered CP Pallets producers

As detailed in the guidelines, pallet production facilities may be subject to periodic inspections. These inspections help to guarantee that quality standards of CP Pallets are maintained for the benefit of all industry users. Inspection costs are borne by the pallet producers.

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