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Plastics 2030 – PlasticsEurope’s Voluntary Commitment to increase circularity and resource efficiency 

The European Commission aims to transform Europe into a more circular and resource efficient economy. PlasticsEurope fully supports this objective. 

On 16 January 2018, the Vice-Presidents of the European Commission Katainen and Timmermans presented the "European Strategy for Plastics in a Circular Economy”, part of the transition towards a more circular and resource efficient economy. 

In this context, PlasticsEurope’s voluntary commitment sets a series of ambitious targets and initiatives up to 2030, within a spirit of commitment to future generations. 

"Plastics 2030” contains a set of ambitious targets and initiatives representing the plastics industry contribution to achieve a fully circular and resource efficient Europe. PlasticsEurope is excited to engage in this transformation towards a new sustainable economic model.

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PlasticsEurope’s Views on a Strategy on Plastics (September 2017):

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PlasticsEurope's Views on Eco-design with Plastics within the Circular Economy (September 2017):

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Animation on Full Life Cycle Thinking:
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