Expanded polystyrene, or EPS, is widely used commodity polymer. It has been a material of choice for more than 50 years because of its versatility, performance and cost effectiveness. It is widely used in many everyday applications, such as fish boxes, bicycle helmets and insulation material.



EPS is a thermoplastic foam product with a unique combination of qualities, including: light weight, strength, durability, shock absorption properties, insulating properties and excellent processability.


EPS is used in many applications, including:

  • Thermal insulation in buildings.

  • Road construction.

  • Sound insulation.

  • Packaging.

  • Food packaging to maintain the temperature of hot or cold food and prevent spoilage.

  • Protection for valuable and fragile goods.

  • Crash helmets.

  • Windsurfing boards.



Evaluation of test results obtained from dioxin analyses made on expanded polystyrene samples containing a polymeric brominated flame retardant  (December 2013)


For more information, see: https://eumeps.org