Only few construction materials can offer the same combination of functionality, cost-effectiveness, environmental performance and durability over time, as plastics. They are used in a wide and growing range of applications, from durable piping and window frames to state of the art insulation solutions. They are also at the heart of cutting edge architectural innovations that will shape the buildings of the future and stand the test of time. However, the behaviour of plastic construction products with regard to fire and their role in building fires is sometimes questioned.  

20160715094242-fire_safety_brochure_cover.jpgHistorically, plastic products in the building and construction sector have been assessed according to their reaction and resistance to fire in different applications. Over the years, improvements in building fire safety standards and increased efforts by the plastics industry to develop plastic materials and products with lower ignitability and limited impact on fire spread, have contributed to the ongoing reduction of casualties and property damage due to fire.

The new brochure "Plastics and  fire safety in building & construction” provides an overview of the role of plastics in building and construction and their specific characteristics with regard to fire safety. 
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