Location Wiesbaden, Germany
Period 20 septembre 2012 - 21 septembre 2012
Description A major summit, organised by the plastics industry, PolyTalk'12 is for all key players: industries using plastics, retailers, policy-makers, NGOs, media and academia.


PolyTalk 2012: Plastics – an intriguing love story?

Can we reconcile environmental and health concerns with sound science? Where lay the responsibilities of industry and politics? And how do we secure the next generation of scientists and innovators in Europe? These questions were the focus of PolyTalk 2012, the summit of the European plastics industry in Wiesbaden, Germany.


High-level discussion panels brought together the political world, the scientific community, consumers, the young generation and industry to give them their say and come up with solutions.


"As citizens of Europe, it is our duty to act now and to find viable solutions. It is high time to reconcile science and emotions, productivity and resource preservation, profitability and social responsibility”, said Patrick Thomas, President of PlasticsEurope and CEO Bayer MaterialScience.


PolyTalk was attended by high-profile participants which included Dr Janez Potočnik, European Commissioner for the Environment; Sir Jonathan Porritt, Founder and Director, Forum for the Future; Dr Elke Anklam, Director of the Institute for Health and Consumer Protection of the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre; Susan Freinkel, author of the book "Plastic: A toxic love story"; Axel Singhofen, Health and Environment Policy Adviser to the Greens in the European Parliament; Dr Martin Brudermüller, Vice Chairman of the Board of Executive Directors, BASF SE among many others which included CEOs, thought leaders and captains of industry...


Dr Janez Potočnik's speech: Any Future for the Industry in Europe? a policy-maker view

Sir Jonathon Porritt's speech: Any Future for the Industry in Europe? a sustainability expert view

Sir Jonathon Porritt's Blog: Sustainable Plastics: Oxymoronic Greenwash, or the Face of the Future?




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PolyTalk 2012: A review





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